My joy comes from creating...

My joy comes from creating beautiful photographic experiences with my clients that result in the images they cherish + enjoy for the years to come.

Teaming up with my husband Matthew, we provide wedding photography services world-wide. Home-turf discounts are available in both Florida and Oregon, but we love any excuse to pack up our gear to photograph a new place + make new friends. Our story-telling photographs have won us the wedding photo journalism awards we are most proud of.

I also get a real kick out of creating whimsical portraits for children, their families, + anyone else who digs my style. Share your dreams with me and let’s make them real, at least just long enough to take a photograph.

Lastly I should note, my husband and I are dorks (as proven by this promo video we had a blast making a few years ago!)

Beyond photography, I love being a mom and a wife, gardening, decorating, dancing, traveling, sewing, clean sheets, dinner parties, snow boarding, camping, IPAs, hiking, and that tingly feeling when you first get into a hot bath.

I love great late-night conversations that dig deep, karaoke in dive bars where people are performing like they're on the verge of a midlife crisis, and the rush of Christmas mornings.