Waking Back Up to the World Wide Web

My previous blog post is dated July 2nd, 2018.

Today is July 2nd, 2019.

The Universe tells the best jokes.

Since then, we put this ridiculously cute playhouse in our yard and I'm shamelessly using it to lure you into hopefully reading this blog post and telling me what you think about a plan I've whipped up for So Many Moments to come back to life as So Much More.

BlogPlayhouse (100 of 1).jpg

Just because I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating, designing, photographing, and styling. As a creative weirdo, I just can’t help myself! This “kid’s playhouse” in the yard also just happens to fit adults too as well as look down on the garden and lake for sunset views. Strange how that happened, no?

But you haven’t seen it yet, unless you’ve been over to our house, because as my prior post date illustrates, I've dropped off the internet hard over the past year. My daily Facebook posts turned weekly, then monthly. I hit my Instagram followers list with a scouring pad, deleting anyone I hadn't seen recently. My business pages froze back in time. I posted less and less frequently in hopes of being a more connected person in real life; a more present mother to my kids, a more available wife to my husband, and a more genuine character to everyone else I cross paths with.

Also, I can't help but wonder when I check out mama blogs I enjoy following, what effect there is when every party, vacation, and holiday becomes a mini-photo shoot. But, wait… isn't it already? This is where the line blurs and I find myself squarely on the fence.

What if instead of ghosting on the web, I showed up? What sorts of opportunities could come of that? Who might I meet? What might I make or discover or create? I'm curious how it will feel to share again. So here I am. Sharing.

I'm confused, fascinated, a bit terrified, and excited by the internet. So, I've decided the only reasonable course of action is to toss myself into the deep end and see if I like swimming, if I can keep up, survive it, enjoy it, and in some sense, come out the other end with new experiences, and an archive of our little lives for us to enjoy looking back on later.

THE CHALLENGE: Do the total reverse of my logged-off-lifestyles in a personal social experiment of sorts.

  • Share openly and authentically, let strangers know me!

  • In the Fall, present an insanely beautiful and creative Holiday photo session offering

  • Remain open to other opportunities pertaining to my other interests of home design, party planning, and short term rental management

  • Connect with my community and maybe even make some new friends

  • Learn as much as I can from other mothers, designers, gardeners, & adventurers

Yup, after my year hiatus, I'm putting all my chips in for the rest of the year. Do you think I’m nuts? Will I see any changes in terms of feeling connected to my community, find new opportunities, or restart my small business? Meanwhile, I'll keep tabs on how it feels for my family life and aim keep my total screen use time in check. If I ever become the type of person that checks their phone during dinner without realizing it, please bitch slap me. Wish me luck, y'all, and I hope you follow along @SoManyMoments on Instagram because I could use some cheerleaders.