real family life

A photojournalism Offering


let’s ditch the park setting + capture your family as you really are. at home.

Imagine a collection of photographs of your family doing the things you really do, where you really do them.

Let’s trade the coordinating outfits at the beach for pajamas with a side of morning cuddles and teeth brushing. Then we can go to the beach, but to play, not pose. Or an evening frolicking in the backyard before dinner and bedtime stories. Real life.


How it works

You invite me into your home for a shoot that will last roughly 3-4 hours, so there’s no rush or time constraints. Instead of directing everyone to stand still and smile, I have your kids show me their rooms and favorite toys. You make breakfast or let the dog out, you live your life the way you actually live it each day, while I utilize my years of documentary photo journalism experience to capture the beautiful details that make up your home & world. Within two weeks of the session, you are presented with a gallery of high-resolution images that will be a time capsule for your family back to right now, which you can then print, share, & enjoy.


breakfast session or bedtime session

Each session can either be scheduled first thing in the morning or last in the evening. If we begin in the morning, I will start the day in your home. After everyone is dressed and ready for their day, I suggest we plan something fun to do that you enjoy together as a family. This can be crafting or cooking at home, or we can head out to a mini-golf, bowling, the beach, the boat, whatever it is your crew loves to do. I offer the reverse for my Bedtime Sessions, we start the shoot in the afternoon doing an activity we’ve chosen ahead of time, then eat dinner at your family’s favorite restaurant or home, and I stay all the way through bedtime stories. Remember, we have a few hours of time, I’ll be in no rush to go, my focus is to tell your story.


Where do you offer these sessions and how much does it cost?

I firmly believe a photographer’s rates should never be a mystery. Real Life Family sessions are a flat and all-inclusive rate of $499, Breakfast or Bedtime. I’m offering these sessions in the greater Sarasota + Palm Beach Gardens areas in Florida, with travel dates for new cities announced on social media. Send me a message and request your city be added to my travel list!