Hi, we 're Samantha & Matthew.

A husband and wife award-winning photography team with 4 kids & more than 15 years of unforgettable photography experiences shooting alongside one another.

Matthew currently teaches high school photography (& Culinary Arts... and Pre-Calc) while I hold down the fort with our four kiddos as we take on a wide variety of rad portrait sessions.

Beyond my love of capturing authentic moments with my cameras (or making up wild ones just long enough to create a picture), I love being a mom, renovating our fixer home, chickens, dance fitness, home birth, life drawing, pianos, dinner parties, beach picnics, snow boarding, camping, craft cocktails, hiking, painting murals, sewing Halloween costumes, gardening, & that tingly feeling when you first get into a hot bath.

I love great late-night conversations that dig deep, karaoke in dive bars where people are performing like they're on the verge of a midlife crisis, and the rush of Christmas mornings.

A warm thank you to the clients that make this job our reality.

Serving Sarasota, FL and beyond

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