School + Sports Yearbook Photos

Like regular school yearbook photos ... but more fun!


What makes you better than the big corporate companies?

We offer a highly professional quality studio set up at your school, a fast & efficient shoot date that's fun for everyone, and careful attention to detail to provide our clients with the most consistent and fresh results.

Plus, we do cool things, like tether the camera to an iPad so (older) students and staff can see their shots right away! We truly want everyone to love their photos.

By being local, and not a faceless company, we're also able to be highly available to both parents and admin alike.

Lastly, you are supporting your local Sarasota economy!
*high five*

What size schools do you serve?

We has experience with preschools as small as 23 students to a student body at nearly 1,000. We are comfortable with anything between and up!

How do you keep all of those kids organized?

We use a facial recognition powered data base to quickly and efficiently mark each kid with the correct name, home room class, and parent contact e-mails.

How do parents get the pictures?

Each family is e-mailed a link to their student’s private gallery. We love to show personality and give parents a few choices. It also makes for a far more fun experience for the kids!

From the online gallery, parents will be able to order their choice of portraits as prints, high-resolution digital images, or both.

How does the school get the pictures?

The school's yearbook staff will be provided cropped and organized student portraits by grade-level and class with full names. We can also provide the school photos for their own data-base systems and IDs.

How do we book you for school photo day?

Let's discuss your school's needs and put together a contract to secure your shoot date(s). We will then provide marketing materials to spread the word to students and staff to get ready for the big day. Then everyone smiles for picture day!

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