Trade the stressed out kids and annoyed husband for a photo shoot you don't even need to get everyone in the car for. I come to you. We shoot in your home.

And no, you don't have to tidy up first if you don't want to. I'm here to capture this chapter of your real life.

Different from a posed family portrait session, this photo shoot tells the story of your family. The real story the way it looks now. Not only is the session itself easier and more fun for everyone, but more importantly, the result is a collection of photographs of your family doing the things you really do, where you really do them. All the little, beautiful, messy, genuine details of this chapter of your lives to bring back authentic memories, not contrived ones.

Family Photojournalism Awards

Scheduled first thing in the morning or last in the evening, let’s take it easy and capture you guys doing what you normally do & then something fun you enjoy together as well. This can be crafting or cooking, mini-golf or bowling, the beach or the boat: whatever it is your crew loves to do.

Either brunch or bedtime cuddles, my focus is to tell your story without any of the fuss or rush. Session rate begins at $599 for Sarasota area.


I’ve never done a shoot like this: What’s it like?

Instead of directing everyone to stand still and smile, I have your kids show me their rooms and favorite toys. You make your breakfast or let the dog out, you live your life the way you actually live it each day, while I utilize my years of documentary photo journalism experience to capture the beautiful, little, lovely details that make up your home & world. No, I won’t judge your home. We are a hopelessly cluttered family of five, nearly six. You don’t need to panic clean up the house for this. Unless you feel you absolutely must. Be you.

Does this price include the photos? Will you try to sell me prints in person after?

Within 2 weeks of the session, you are presented with an online gallery of high-resolution images that will be a time capsule back to now, which you can then print, share, & enjoy as you’d like. I’m not going to have some in person “unveiling” of your images to be pushy and try to get you to buy super expensive prints. It’s not my style. Your photos are YOURS.

What if our family is super boring & not doing anything?

I assure you: NO family is “boring”. There is absolutely no wrong way to do this. So long as you’re all together, we can capture some of the magic that makes your family your family.

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